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Rotary Club of Pittsburg
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Reference:  U.S. Flag Renewal 2012 - 2013

Dear Flag Subscriber,
Thank you for your ongoing contribution and support to the Rotary Club Pittsburg, TX,
"U.S. American Flag Fund Campaign".  Thanks to people like you, this year we were able to award $1,000.00 college scholarships to seven deserving students from Pittsburg High School and Camp County area.

Your "U.S. Flag Campaign" subscription began on Labor Day, and continues through Independence Day.  This year we were slow getting this renewal letter out so we went ahead and placed flags on your property for the Labor Day Weekend even though it is part of the 2012 - 2013 season.

The Pittsburg Rotary Club invites you to renew your subscirption to insure that the American Flag continues to proudly wave at your home or business: Labor Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day.

Of Course, new flag subscribers are always welcomed so if you would like to add more flags on your property or know of someone else who would liek to be included, please let us know.

Annual Subscription Rate: $35 per flag

For additional information on our American Flag program, please contact,
Lynda Tyler at (903)575-8861 or
Email: lyndaty@swbell.net

The Pittsburg Texas Rotarians thank you and appreciate your continued support and contribution.

American Flag Subscription Form
Make checks payable to:

Pittsburg Rotary Club
P.O. Box 237, Pittsburg, TX  75686

Annual Subscription Rate:  $35 per flag


Total Number of Flags requested: __________ X $35.00  =  Total Amount: $ ___________

Contact Name: ___________________________________  Tel#: ________________________

Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________

Flag Installation Address (s): ______________________________________________________

E-mail: _______________________________________________________________________



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